As the artillery blasted his Austrian village in 1918, young Paul Firnstahl decided to get the hell out. My great, great grandfather landed in Colby, Wisconsin becoming a master cheddar maker. Son Germanus immigrated to Seattle founding the famous Sunny Jim Peanut Butter Company which grandpa JP ran for 35 years. My dad Tim stayed in the food business opening some classic joints along the way: Jakes, McRorys, Leschi, The Roaster, and Von's. Our Executive Chef, Jason Amador happens to be my brother in law who started off life sleeping on the flour sacks of his parents' bakery.

I’m Merrisa Firnstahl-Claridge, 
and now it’s my turn to welcome you to Vons.




Von’s is a 100% Sourdough Scratch Kitchen. We believe in sourcing local products much of which is sourced from our neighbor Pike Place Market. Our chefs only purchase frigid water wild salmon caught in the Pacific Northwest. Our Hamburgs are hand chopped to prime grade fresh daily. Our bakers produce Seattle Sourdough for our brioche Hamburg buns, sourdough pasta and pizza.



Alchemy is the soul of our bar. The alchemist is our dedicated bar scientist whose calling is to create and refine our house crafted small batch bespoke liquors. Our exclusive Mayahuel® Anejo Tequila is aged in-house, in custom high-charred white oak barrels. Junipered® Gin is produced from our proprietary herbal blend that has been said to “gentle the soul.” Sanctified® Vodka is our 8-hour filtering process concluding in a vodka of uncommon polish. The Whiskey Whisperer produces 100° Bonded Boss® Bourbon from our made to order casks. It results in a rich and aromatic bourbon with deep caramel flavor and a great vanilla finish.

What's Happening at Von's 1000