Von's 1000SPIRITS: Seattle's Only GustoBistro

Von's 1000 Spirits

  • 1225 1st Avenue
  • Seattle, WA
  • Kitty corner from the Seattle Art Museum
  • tel: (206) 621-8667
  • Monday – Thursday: 11–Midnight
  • Friday: 11–1am
  • Saturday: 11–1am
  • Sunday: 11–Midnight
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100 years, 1,000 spirits

As the artillery blasted his Austrian village in 1918, young Paul Firnstahl decided to get the hell out. My great, great grandfather landed in Colby, Wisconsin becoming a master cheddar maker. Son Germanus immigrated to Seattle founding the famous Sunny Jim Peanut Butter Company which grandpa JP ran for 35 years. My dad Tim stayed in the food business opening some classic joints along the way: Jakes, McRorys, Leschi, The Roaster, and Von's. Our Executive Chef, Jason Amador happens to be my brother in law who started off life sleeping on the flour sacks of his parents' bakery.

I’m Merrisa Firnstahl-Claridge, and now it’s my turn to welcome you to Von's 1000 Spirits

Open for Reservations at Von's 1000Spirits

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Von's 1000 Spirits

1000spirits offers a number of tables each evening, with more available for walk-ins. If you cannot find your preferred time – or have more than 8 in your party or would like to book a private event please Email or call us at (206) 621-8667.

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Open for Reservations at Von's 1000Spirits

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Von's 1000 Spirits

Von's hosts private parties, meetings, banquets, social events, receptions from 15 up to 100 people. For more information please contact our Events Director.