The Perfect Sunny Combo

Imagine a cool breeze in the hot sun, a slight scent of the sea. In your hand a cold drink, the glass cool to the touch. The sound of your friends enjoying lunch is mixed with faint sounds of downtown Seattle. This is what patio dining should be.

Von’s outdoor sundeck seats 50 guests. It’s open for lunch and dinner, weather permitting. A green garden can be seen just over the patio. Located off 1st Avenue, the wind blows in from the nearby piers. Large umbrellas keep you in the shade. Sunbathing optional.

Our newest cocktail was designed to work with this sundeck. Von’s is proud to showcase our first ever frozen libation. A prickly pear mojito slushie. The prickly pear is a red fruit from the cactus found in Mexico. It has a natural sweet flavor, notes of watermelon. Sweet rum is balanced with fresh mint. Frozen so you can drink at your own pace.

Von’s Sundeck + Frozen Mojito = Perfect Summer Combination

Try this great combo before the summer ends!!

Dan Nelson

Dining Room (and Sundeck!) Manager

“Seattle is for people who love culture, but refuse to sacrifice their wild nature to attain it”