Our Perfect Seattle Date Day?

Many of our guests often ask us what we like to do in Seattle. We are located in the heart of Downtown Seattle, so we get a lot of tourists who are looking for a local recommendation. The nightlife is a scene all its own in the city, but many travelers are looking for something to do in the daytime in Seattle.

So, what is our idea of a perfect date day in Seattle? Easy.

We would suggest checking out the current art exhibit “Our Blue Planet” at the Seattle Art Museum, then stopping at Von’s 1000 Spirits for an amazing cocktail and a delicious meal! We are located across the street from the Seattle Art Museum, making us the perfect landing spot after a long day of perusing the art exhibits.

Photograph of the Perfect Smoked Manhattan cocktail at Von's 1000 Spirits. The dark brown whiskey cocktail is in a diamond-shaped-etched glass with smoke coming out. There is an orange peel clipped to the outside of the glass for garnish.
Photograph of a sourdough pizza sitting on a metal trivet atop a wooden table. The pizza has a golden crust and is topped with Applewood smoked slab bacon lardons, Rogue River blue cheese, Gala apple, and fig jam.

Enjoy a Perfect Smoked Manhattan and Seattle Sourdough Pizza. You’ve earned it!

A little more about the current exhibit at SAM:
“The more than 80 paintings, sculptures, films, photographs, and textiles on view are drawn from SAM’s collections and loans from local collectors. The 74 artists represented hail from 17 countries and seven Native American tribes making this exhibition a unique opportunity to cross the seas connecting global communities and see how artists grapple with the past, present, and future of water in our world.” ~ excerpt from SAM website

Image of 5 children standing in front of the ocean. They are dressed in playful underwater explorer costumes. Image courtesy of the Seattle art museum website.
Photo courtesy of seattleartmuseum.org
Graphic design image of a swirling blue and grey ocean with tall crashing waves. There is Chinese text written on the sides of the image. Image courtesy of the Seattle art museum website.
Photo courtesy of seattleartmuseum.org