Seattle Sourdough Pizzas

Nonna Maria Pizza

Nonna Maria Pizza

The traditional grandma-style pie with olive oil poached red sauce over aged whole milk mozzarella.

Quatre Viande 4 Meat Pizza

Quatre Viande (4 Meat) Pizza

Torrid Wurst, soppressata, lardons, pepperoni, whole milk mozzarella, grated parm. Order it mild or ZESTY!

Calssic Pepperoni Pizza

Classic Pepperoni Pizza

Whole milk mozzarella, hot chili relish, peppadews, Farmstead fontina, reggiano. Spicy!

Whipped Chevre and Almond Pesto Sourdough Pizza

Whipped Chevre and Almond Pesto Pizza

Sundried tomato, fresh parm, oregano, basil.

Wood Oven Roasted Wild Mushroom Pizza

Wood Oven Roasted Wild Mushroom Pizza

Saltwater cured mushrooms, black garlic ricotta, Farmstead fontina, sundried tomato jam.

Spiced Fig Prosciutto and Arugula Sourdough Pizza

Spiced Fig, Prosciutto and Arugula Pizza

Grande whole milk mozzarella, whipped chevre, almond pesto.

A Little About Our Pizzas

Nonna Pizza

Our signature Seattle Sourdough Pizza has put our name on the map as some of the best pizza in Seattle. We pride ourselves on our unique sourdough pizza crust recipe and we think you’ll agree; it is divine.

Bread Making
Bread Making
Bread Making

The secret to our signature pizzas starts with the dough itself. We use our treasured 65-year-old sourdough starter to make our pizza dough. Our two-generation sourdough starter has been passed down from our Executive Chef’s parents, who also happen to be incredible bakers. Our Executive Chef Jason Amador practically grew up in his parent’s bakery. Sleeping on the flour sacks and helping his parents at the bakery, Chef Jason has sourdough in his blood.

Truly great pizza is elevated by the ingredients on top. We always source local produce, cheese and meats when building our menu, and our Sourdough Pizzas are no exception. From the whole milk mozzarella to the soppressata, we carefully select our vendors to ensure the highest quality ingredients in the Northwest make it to your plate at Von’s 1000 Spirits.

The final piece of the magical pie that makes the best Sourdough Pizza – the woodfire oven. We always use native almond-wood in our ovens because it gives off a unique smoky flavor while cooking each pizza to golden, bubbly perfection.

Grab one of our all-time favorite Seattle Sourdough Pizzas & see for yourself!