Seahawks Gamedays at Von’s!

Von’s 1000Spirits is not a sports bar. But that might be hard to tell on days the Hawks play at home. You’ll find a sea of green and blue jerseys, often coupled with face paint on our patrons. We play the TV sound throughout our entire restaurant during the game. Many of our guests like to yell at the TV as well, and that’s ok. This is the 12th man town after all.

I’ve been to many of the venues close to the stadium. Lots of good beer breweries, lots of eclectic food offerings. On game days they do tend to get a bit crowded. Von’s offers an alternative that you may want to consider. Our bar seats 40 and the restaurant seats 200. All ages are welcome. Get here for lunch or dinner before the game, after it’s only a 20 minute walk or a 4 minute cab ride to the football field.

If you’re like me, you may only get to go to one or two Seahawks home games each season. Where to go for the other home games? Try Vons!! We boast over 1000 different spirits in our bar. We are home to the only $5 scratch martini in town and frankly the best Bloody Mary around.

We also make all of our own pizza and pasta. In the mood for a big, juicy burger? Well, we hand chop our hamburgs every morning. With a 4.5 star rating on Yelp and trip advisor, you can bet we have some great offerings. Available before, during or after Seahawks games. I look forward to seeing you.

Go Hawks!

Dan Nelson

Dining Room Manager

Vons 1000Spirits

“Stay hungry, remain humble and get better today.”-Pete Carroll