The Story of Bobbee’s All Day Bolognese

Written by Von’s President, Missy Claridge

Every Christmas Eve, my family gathers at my parents’ home for a cherished tradition: the slow cooking of a giant roast in anticipation of the legendary Bobbee’s Bolognese.

Around the table, my dad, affectionately known as Bobbee to his grandkids, would share a heartwarming Christmas story called “Two Queens and a King.” It was a beautiful tale about my mom’s farm-life adventures, spreading holiday joy to neighboring families.

After the story’s final words hung in the air, our attention shifted to the remnants of our Christmas roast. But the culinary adventure was far from over. Donning an apron, Bobbee would then spend two magical hours by the stove, orchestrating a symphony of meats and tomatoes, all the while sipping his favorite Savor Spear Bourbon. As the clock chimed late into the night, most of the family had left, leaving Bobbee alone in his culinary workshop. With a pinch of Sicilian Spice, a dash of Umami Seasoning, and a little leftover Von’s Red Hammer Blend for good measure, the sauce, simmering gloriously for 12 hours, had transformed into something magical. Bobbee’s secret was adding the seasonings in the final hour before turning off the heat. After a final two fingers of Bar Boss Bourbon, he would whisper, “Rest, gentle sauce. Tomorrow, you are ours.”

Christmas morning arrived with the promise of a feast, and there was Bobbee, still at the stove, tending to his bubbling cauldron of flavors. As Christmas day dawned, our family joyfully unwrapped presents, each one holding the promise of happiness. Yet, amid the excitement, there was a collective anticipation for the pièce de résistance – Bobbee’s Bolognese. With eager hearts, we prepared Von’s famous Seattle Sourdough Scala Pasta, and thus began the grand celebration of the Christmas spirit – a feast fit for royalty in the realm of culinary enchantment.

Here’s to the memories that shape traditions into what they truly mean. Cheers.