Zero Proof Cocktails

We’ve all been there – you’re out at a restaurant and don’t want to consume alcohol. What are your options? Boring water, sugary soda, or plain iced tea.

Well, we think you should have more! Just because you aren’t drinking alcohol doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have some unique and fun drink options! Many of our guests expressed a desire to have some delicious non-alcoholic options on the menu, so we had our Alchemists develop some well-balanced zero proof cocktails for you.

Take a look at what we came up with! 

A bright and fruity looking cocktail sits in a wine glass on a wooden table. It is Orange with a red base and has a wheel of dehydrated orange slice on top.

Cloud Breaker Spritz

Tropically inspired mixture of citrus, passionfruit, and ginger beer.

(Make it boozy with Bar Boss Gin and Aperol)

A bright yellow iced cocktail sits on a wooden table in an etched glass. There is a slice of cucumber and a large sprig of mint on top with a sprinkle of red spice.

Lost Navigator

Pineapple, cucumber, and fresh mint come together to make a refreshing drink with a citrusy Tajin kick. 

(Make it boozy with Bar Boss Vodka)

A refreshing iced purple drink sits on a wooden table. It has drips coming down the side of the tall glass and there are slices of cucumber throughout the drink that can be seen through the glass.


Floral sweetness of hibiscus, fresh cucumber, house-made lemonade and a dash of spice 

(Make it boozy with Bar Boss Vodka or Gin)