Seahawks Gamedays at Von's!

Von’s 1000Spirits is not a sports bar. But that might be hard to tell on days the Hawks play at home. You’ll find a sea of green and blue jerseys, often coupled with face paint on our patrons. We play the TV sound throughout our entire restaurant during the game. Many of our guests like to yell at the TV as well, and that’s ok. This is the 12th man town after all.

I’ve been to many of the venues close to the stadium. Lots of good beer breweries, lots of eclectic food offerings. On game days they do tend to get a bit crowded. Von’s offers an alternative that you may want to consider. Our bar seats 40 and the restaurant seats 200. All ages are welcome. Get here for lunch or dinner before the game, after it’s only a 20 minute walk or a 4 minute cab ride to the football field.

If you’re like me, you may only get to go to one or two Seahawks home games each season. Where to go for the other home games? Try Vons!! We boast over 1000 different spirits in our bar. We are home to the only $5 scratch martini in town and frankly the best Bloody Mary around.

We also make all of our own pizza and pasta. In the mood for a big, juicy burger? Well, we hand chop our hamburgs every morning. With a 4.5 star rating on Yelp and trip advisor, you can bet we have some great offerings. Available before, during or after Seahawks games. I look forward to seeing you.

Go Hawks!

Dan Nelson

Dining Room Manager

Vons 1000Spirits

“Stay hungry, remain humble and get better today.”-Pete Carroll

Fall's In Motion

Where did the summer go? Fall is on our heels as we catch the last sips of summer. However, for many of us that means vacation days are gone, kids back to school, old routines recharged, shorter days and longer nights. This time of year, we often get caught up in the fog of trying to keep our lives organized and getting back on track.

At Von’s, we believe it is important to remember to take a moment and breath and enjoy life. In maintaining this mantra, we have created a fun and delicious Fall Happy Hour Menu to help you remember that, “it is not about the goal, it is about the journey.” Stop in after work one day this fall and enjoy one of our Blood Orange Bourbon Punches that has flavors or toasted almond, all spice, blood orange and 100 proof bourbon of course!

If you are feeling a little hungry we tempt you to try our new handmade sausage Mac and Cheese, Rogue Blue bacon hamburger, or our scratch sourdough pizza with salt cured wild mushrooms from our neighbors on Guemes Island. All will remind you of why we all love the crisp, beautiful fall days in Seattle.

The Perfect Sunny Combo

Imagine a cool breeze in the hot sun, a slight scent of the sea. In your hand a cold drink, the glass cool to the touch. The sound of your friends enjoying lunch is mixed with faint sounds of downtown Seattle. This is what patio dining should be.

Von’s outdoor sundeck seats 50 guests. It's open for lunch and dinner, weather permitting. A green garden can be seen just over the patio. Located off 1st Avenue, the wind blows in from the nearby piers. Large umbrellas keep you in the shade. Sunbathing optional.

Our newest cocktail was designed to work with this sundeck. Von’s is proud to showcase our first ever frozen libation. A prickly pear mojito slushie. The prickly pear is a red fruit from the cactus found in Mexico. It has a natural sweet flavor, notes of watermelon. Sweet rum is balanced with fresh mint. Frozen so you can drink at your own pace.

Von’s Sundeck + Frozen Mojito = Perfect Summer Combination

Try this great combo before the summer ends!!

Dan Nelson

Dining Room (and Sundeck!) Manager

"Seattle is for people who love culture, but refuse to sacrifice their wild nature to attain it"

A Note From The Chef: Summer In Seattle

I have always believed cooking to be an exploration of flavors and techniques. We are very fortunate because some of the best flavors and freshest ingredients can be found right here in the Pacific Northwest.

When developing the summer menu for Von's, I wanted to showcase the pristine sourcing grounds of the Pacific. We have access to such an abundance of world class seafood: Totten Inlet Manila Clams, Wild Coho from Neah Bay, Dungeness Crab from Alaska's Aleutian Islands, all delivered to us fresh daily. 

One of our most popular items, the Scratch Sourdough Mac and Cheese, was a natural candidate for NW Dungeness Crab. It adds a sweetness and richness that is perfect for our summer locals and travelers alike. We also put our Sourdough Crab Cake on the menu which is a luxurious start to an exciting evening in downtown Seattle. I highly recommend pairing any of our new Dungeness Crab items with our Paloma Agridulce or a glass of crisp rosé. 

Please join us as we welcome another beautiful summer in Seattle. 

See you soon -

Jason Amador

Executive Chef, Von's and Sharps

"You must open your eyes to see."

Meet Our New Summer Menu Items

Since Von’s first opened in 1904, we have always believed in supporting local producers to source the freshest ingredients for our seasonal menu. Our seafood is always wild; pulled from the frigid waters of the Pacific NW and delivered fresh to us daily.

We blend our meat in-house to prime grade marbling for a superbly flavorful hamburg. And, our bakers hand roll sourdough brioche, baguettes, pizza dough and pasta every day using ancient methods of natural fermentation from our family’s original sourdough starter.

Please join us to revel, rejoice & roister as we welcome summer in Seattle. As our guest, we look forward to taking great care of you. 

Small Bites:

Sourdough Crab Cake: A decadent deep water Dungeness NW style crab cake with mixed greens, sambal aioli and pickled onions.

Sourdough Sandwiches:

Steak Torta (LUNCH ONLY): Dressed greens, chile slaw, red onion, avocado salsa, Hellmann’s mayo.

Wild Mushroom and Chicken Melt (LUNCH ONLY): Wild Mushroom and Chicken Melt Mad Hatcher chicken breast with wild salt-cured mushrooms, Farmstead smoked gouda, sherry melted onions, bacon jam on griddled sourdough.

Northwest Salads & Grain Bowls:

Macho Salad: Organic chicken, avocado, fresh corn, feta, tomato, red onion, pistachios, Medjool dates, apple cider vinaigrette.

Harissa Vegetable Bowl: Mixed greens, avocado, quinoa, spiced pepitas, pressed cider vinaigrette, feta cream.

Seattle Sourdough Pizzas:

Green Goddess: Organic chicken, fresh asparagus, avocado salsa, red onion, feta, Farmstead fontina, whole milk mozzarella.

NW Six Cheese and Bacon Jam: Beecher’s Flagship, Farmstead fontina, smoked gouda, fresh mozzarella, aged reggiano, black garlic ricotta, Sicilian relish.

House-crafted Sourdough Pasta:

Mad Hatcher Chicken & Asparagus: Smoked bacon jam, true parmesan cream sauce.

Homemade Sourdough Mac & Cheese

Dungeness Crab Mac

Frigid Water Wild Seafood:
Sourdough Crab Cake: A decadent deep water Dungeness NW style crab cake with mixed greens, sambal aioli and pickled onions.